Bobby Shmurda lost another chance to get out on bail as he faces an upcoming trial on drugs and weapons charges. A judge denied the Brooklyn rapper's bid for bail, which is set at $2 million, during a hearing in New York today (Oct. 5).

According to Page Six, Shmurda appeared in the courtroom with his new attorney Alex Spiro after he dumped his previous lawyer Kenneth Montgomery. Judge James Burke set a new trial date for the case, which is set to begin on Feb. 22.

Spiro then requested that Shmurda be released from jail until his trial starts, but Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinha argued that Shmurda had requested four bail applications in the past and they all have been denied. He also stated that his case had only gotten stronger in recent months and that Shmurda has ties to Florida and a net worth of half a million dollars. Subsequently, Judge Burke denied Spiro's bail request.

So that would mean that Shmurda and his 14 other co-defendents -- who are alleged GS9 members -- will spend a year and some change in jail. As we previously reported, the "Hot Boy" rhymer and his crew were arrested last December on a slew of gun, murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the slaying of a 19-year-old rival.

It's look like Bobby Shmurda has a long road ahead of him. Keep your head up.

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