6lack is, arguably, one of the most intriguing R&B artist in music right now. As he continues to work on the follow-up to his debut, Free 6lack, he decided to add his verse to the Rituals’ somber track, “Drown the Lovers.”

The Atlanta singer caught the attention of the Rituals after the band covered his song, “Loyal.” So 6lack did them a solid and jumped on their remix of “Drown the Lovers.”

"It’s almost a surreal moment when one of your favorite artists sends you over a verse like this – the way he’s gone so deep into the concept and written such a powerful verse, it’s something really special," said the group (via We Own the Nite NYC). "From the opening line ‘As I sit and paint these pictures with my words,’ we were blown away."

Since the release of Free 6lack, the R&B singer has gone through a few changes. For starters, 6lack has cut his hair. The "Ex Calling" singer said that he did the big chop to signify a change in his music and career.

"Cutting it was the perfect transition," he told Rolling Stone. "It's more of a personal growth than anything. I just feel like moving forward. I shouldn't be moving with my head down or hiding behind my hair or thinking about my hair while I'm performing."

"It was a quick change, a big change," he added. "Like, immediately. Even though it was a weight off of me, I felt like what was concealing me, my curtain, was gone. I gotta walk with my head up now. I gotta make eye contact with everybody regardless if I want to or not. It was a lot to deal with initially, but after the first day, I felt a lot lighter."

Check out 6lack's verse on Ritual's song "Drown the Lovers" above.

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