6lack has had a phenomenal year with the success of his album FREE 6LACK and the platinum-certified single, “PRBLMS.” After touring for almost a year, the rising R&B star announced on Wednesday (Nov. 8) that he’s taking a break.

On his Instagram page, 6lack posted a lengthy note explaining why he’s postponing his European tour scheduled for next year. In the letter, the 25-year-old singer reflected on his past year and the urgency to get back to fatherhood and finish music for his next project.

"Honestly, I've spent a crazy amount of time recording on and off tour and damn near made over 100 new songs for this next project but I have missed out on my favorite component of my process," he wrote. "I missed the picking through every line, every song, every sound and then analyzing through my life and my mistakes. But also more importantly during this time, I've missed being the father I always wanted to be to my daughter."

"I never want to disappoint you guys in the long run, so I've made the decision that right now the music needs to be finished and I want to actually feel what it's like to be a dad," he continued. "I think that's what this next album is for: being more reflective of my current life. The last project was a summary of my past, this one is an update on my present."

6lack is currently wrapping up his U.S. Tour. The "Ex-Calling" singer has a Philadelphia date (Nov. 17) and a New York date (Nov. 19) left. For more information, head over to Songkick.com.

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