Donald Trump's presidency has led to an increase in politically-motivated music and now Dreezy is the latest to join the trend. With some help from 6LACK and Kodak Black, Dreezy attacks Trump and racists on "Spar."

In the hook, both 6LACK and Dreezy rap, "They disregarding us, and if I go to DC, I'm tryna spar with Trump/I ain't politician, just can't ignore the stuff."

Dreezy then takes it a step further, rapping, "Can't say we representing when half the office White supremacist/ This can't be, 'Land of the free'/If kneeling might cost your position/I'm supposed to respect the system/They call our brothers, "Sons of bitches"/And when my Unc' came home from prison/For the same shit y'all tried to turn into a business/Take our culture, our blueprint/Pay the knockoff to come model us."

Kodak also gets political on "Spar," questioning why people can go to war but aren't old enough to drink alcohol. Ain't old enough to hit the club to fill my cup with rum/But I can go die in the army or go to war for them/Ain't old enough for marijuana cigars, spark my blunt/But old enough to spend my life behind bars, that dumb," he raps.

Listen to "Spar" below.

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