With the housing market still in a slump, 50 Cent is having trouble getting rid of his property.

The rapper, who owns a sprawling estate in Connecticut, recently slashed the price in half in an attempt to land a sale. According to the Connecticut Post, 50, who was originally asking for $18 million has dropped the price to $9.9 million, from the previous price cut of $14.5 million.

The 50,000 square foot Farmington, Conn. mansion, which one belonged to boxer Mike Tyson, was built in 1985. For the buyer looking for tons of space, the home is pretty much a perfect fit, featuring 19 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 14 powder rooms, plus an elevator and a night club.

50 showed off his digs on 'MTV Cribs' back in 2007, nicknaming it the "East Coast Playboy Mansion." Sparing no expense, the opulent property boasts crystal chandeliers, marble floors and an infinity pool. Of course such luxury is far from priceless, the real estate taxes on the home are close to $100,000 a year.

Last year, Fif's mansion was in the news not for the sale price, but because two intruders had made their way onto the property, and were found hanging out and drinking wine, before being busted by police. 50 himself was not home at the time, and has been spending lots of time on the West Coast, working to beef up his presence on the silver screen.

As previously reported the Queen's native inked a $200 million, 10-picture distribution deal with Lionsgate, and released the trailer for his latest film, 'Setup,' this week.

No word yet on when he plans on releasing an album.

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