When Yung Joc appeared on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta scene in 2014, the rapper had more going on than fans anticipated, including the fact he has eight children, which was revealed on last week's episode.

But before he made his reality TV debut on season three, the 32-year-old Atlanta native was known for his status as Bad Boy South's premiere artist just a few years ago in 2007. His catchy single, "It's Goin' Down," still incites people to do the accompanying "motorcycle dance," whether he's performing the track or not and although Joc has been out of the spotlight for some time, he's still been working.

From peddling paint jobs to running a few auto rental businesses in ATL, the rhymer born Jasiel Robinson is no stranger to the grind -- even as he tries to hold his personal life together on reality TV. Whether you've been following the storyline or not, The Boombox has gathered a few details on Yung Joc as an entrepreneur, artist and love interest. Here are 25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Yung Joc.

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    'Hustlenomics' wasn't just a name of his album, but rather a part of Yung Joc's mindset for years. As a 15-year-old sophomore in high school, the Atlanta rapper had three jobs. He worked at the zoo, a car wash and a deli.

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    Once, while in L.A., Joc met up with T.I. for drinks. He was adamant about paying the tab but he didn't realize that he was paying for Million Dollar Martinis for five people when he ordered three rounds. Tip tried to save him before the check arrived, but Joc waved him off, so the 'L&HH' star was stuck with the bill.

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    Back in 2007, when Yung Joc was at the height of his new popularity, his hectic schedule began to catch up to him and he fell asleep during an on-camera interview.

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    Joc says that making the Forbes List in 2007 was the "worst thing" that could've happened to him. "People that I loaned $1,000 felt like I could've given them $10 [thousand]."

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    Soulja Boy's ambition was an inspiration for Joc. "Every time you saw [Soulja Boy] with that dumb s--- on his shades, you remembered his name...," he shares.

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    In 2008, Yung Joc was working on building a line of sunglasses called Claudio St. James.

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    Before signing to Bad Boy South, Diddy had Joc perform for him in his office. The entire time, Diddy was focused on his meal and wouldn't look up at Joc, so the rapper proceeded to jump around on his sofa while doing the motorcycle dance to "It's Goin' Down."

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    Fans think he doesn't like the motorcycle dance, but he feels they have to work on their timing. "If you’re at funeral grieving the loss of a friend and s---, you might not be crying. You’ve cried enough already, or you might not be a crier. You look across the room, and the motherf---er in the church is looking at you doing the dance and pointing like, “Respect.” N----, we’re in a funeral! Why is you doing the dance?" Joc told Hip Hop DX.

  • 9

    Joc says that his relationship with Karlie Redd was definitely not just for show. The two reality TV stars ended up sharing a massage room at an Atlanta spa one day, without knowing that they were in the same space. "I'd never met her before in person and I thought she was very attractive," he admits.

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    The rapper says that he wanted to start a foundation for breast cancer. "I lost an auntie to breast cancer and she was one of my favorite aunts so naturally, something of this magnitude would definitely be a big deal to me," Joc states.

  • 11

    It's not far-fetched to think Joc was a class clown in school. In fact, he was so much of a distraction to his peers that it got him kicked out about 36 times. "My parents knew all my teachers on a first name basis," he explains.

  • 12

    Karlie Redd convinced Joc to join the cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' a while after they started dealing with each other romantically. "S--- had gotten so crazy I was like, 'Man, the world may need to see what's going on in my life with me and this chick.'"

  • 13

    The Swagg Team CEO says that his dad is the inspiration behind his hustle. "He's a little crazy. I've never seen my dad not hustle. I've never seen him tired or like, 'I'm just chillin'.'"

  • 14

    Joc told VLAD TV that a diss from Gucci Mane was one of the best things that could've happened to him. "He said, 'I ain't tryna go broke like Joc did.' And certain n----s wouldn't answer the phone no more. [The result of that line] really showed me... It's like, I realized, 'Y'all some d--- riders too.' People weren't looking at me to pay anymore because Gucci said I was broke."

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    The nude photo Karlie posted of the rhymer on social media was something that he took for himself as a "before" image as he prepared to start a workout regimen. She just happened to see it and asked him to send it over.

  • 16

    As he was struggling to decide on joining the cast, Joc suggested that Karlie fake her love life. "Why don't you deal with somebody else for the show and I'll stay behind the scenes while y'all do that?" Joc says.

  • 17

    Joc made A and B grades in high school -- all the way up to the point where he stopped attending. He ended up transferring schools when he was close to graduating and lost some credits, putting him behind by a couple of years. Rather than repeat the work already put in, Joc opted to drop out.

  • 18

    Karlie Redd went into that infamous 'L&HH' fight scene with something heavy in her bag, hoping to do harm to Joc's current girlfriend, Khadijah. "She was tryna knock her out but that plan ain't work out too well," the rapper discloses.

  • 19

    On his first album, Joc was indifferent as to what he said on songs. It was a move he later regretted. "I was like, 'Man, I don't give a s--- about if this isn't for the radio.' But after it came out, I was like 'Damn. I ain't 'posed to be talking like this...'"

  • 20

    Yung Joc told MTV Cribs that he loves Jamaican food so ginger beer is a mainstay in his fridge.

  • 21

    Back in 2009, Joc told a tale on Twitter about DMX and Katt Williams fighting over a line of an illegal substance then sharing it with a German Shepard. Later, he admitted to making the story up because "no one wants to read boring tweets."

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    Dramati arts have always been Joc's passion. In 2014, he told Vibe that in high school, he worked with a local playwright, acting in quite a few of his plays.

  • 23

    Before rap, Yung Joc wanted to be a lawyer.

  • 24

    His mother gave him the moniker "Joc" as a child. She was a fan of the television show 'Dallas' and the family patriarch was named JR "Jock" Ewing. "She said, 'I'm gonna name you Joc because you're going to be a respected man with a lot of money one day.'"

  • 25

    He started putting rhymes together long before 2007's "It's Goin' Down." Joc started making songs at 6 years old.

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