Last week, we saw Joseline admit to Lovely Mimi that Stevie wants her and Bonnie Bella to move in with him. And despite all the legal drama about who the Bonnie's father was, Joseline thought it would be a good idea to do what Stevie asked. But she also had some other ideas up her sleeve. When she came by to pick up Bonnie, Joseline broke it down for him. She wanted to be the only Latina artist on his label. She and Bonnie would move in with him, but that'll only happen if he agreed to marry her. She whipped out their rings, and you could see Stevie's jaw drop to the ground. He was shocked, but being same old Stevie, he thought it could work.

Before the proposal, Mimi was already furious with Stevie because their daughter, Eva, called her in Jamaica to reveal that Joseline has been hanging around her -- even though Stevie swore it wouldn't happen. Mimi was fuming and took the first flight back to Atlanta. Instead of confronting Stevie right away, she went straight to court to put a protective order against Joseline and Stevie. But to make that all happen, Eva actually had to go to court. Not wanting her daughter to deal with all the legalities, she went to Stevie and threatened that she would keep him away from Eva if Joseline didn't disappear.

Of course, Stevie didn't listen to Mimi and tried to make things right between Joseline and his older daughters. The four sat down for dinner. Although Mimi apologized for what she said about Stevie and the family on social media, his daughters thought it was too little too late. Things went from bad to worse when their upcoming nuptials came into the conversation. By the end of the conversation, Stevie's daughters couldn't deal and walked off.

Meanwhile, Mimi went ahead and met up with Estelita, Stevie's Panamanian Goddess. While they discussed that Estelita and Stevie never slept together and kept it professional, conversation moved toward making up with Karlie. Estelita and Karlie were never on the best terms, but the Panamanian Goddess and Mimi thought that Jessica Dime's showcase would be a good place and time for the two ladies to make up. Unfortunately, the conversation quickly turned sour. Karlie threw a vegetable plate at Estelita while Sierra, who was there to tell everyone that she and her husband were still on the rocks, was also ready to smack Estelita because a drink spilled on her.

That wasn't the only confrontation Karlie had to deal with. She also had a lot of explaining to do with Ceaser, who found out that she and Yung Joc were in Jamaica together. Although Karlie got a little messy with a dramatic monologue, Ceaser wanted Karlie to keep it 100 and asked if she was still in love with Joc. Karlie said no, and after some convincing and lap dancing, Karlie and Ceaser finally did some making up in the bedroom.

Finally, Rod confronted Logan about his claims regarding Jasmine's baby daddy. While there was a lot of arguing, it was clear to Rod that Jasmine hasn't been completely honest with him while he was gone. Rod eventually confronted Jasmine about this and told her that she had to take a DNA test as well to finally figure out who her baby daddy is.

There are only a few episodes left of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and Hollywood is right around the corner. But tune in next week to find out how the sixth season comes to a close.

Rasheeda Kirk Frost Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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