Last week, we saw Nikko London and Stevie J throw down in a quick scuffle when the later approached him about interfering with Mimi Faust's business moves. However, at the top of this week's episode, the situation was quickly put to rest, but it's obvious that this battle isn't over.

Mimi tries to defuse the situation by meeting up with Nikko in some deserted park of all places. As the two start arguing about this book deal and Nikko's 25 percent he's owed, we come to find out he recorded all of their phone conversations during their romance. He threatens to reveal some big secret of hers that will shock the world.

Meanwhile, Stevie brings up the fact that Mimi got on his case about drinking and doing drugs. However, he reveals that he's in more hot water than that because he's in the middle of a child support case and is on pre-trial probation that requires him to take a drug test every week. Since he's failed drug tests in the past, the next time he tests positive might mean he'll get more "than just a slap on the wrist."

Yung Joc makes his first appearance of the season in last night's episode. Meeting with Scrappy and Kirk Frost at the golf course, Joc dresses for the occasion and watches Scrappy suck at the driving range. But more importantly, he reveals his new girl, Khadijah, then gives us the low down on his baby mamas and eight children.

And although Kirk has six kids himself, he's shocked at how many children Joc has. Then the conversation moves on to Kirk's latest artist, Ashley Nicole, who he met a sports bar. And while there's no hanky panky that his wife Rasheeda needs to worry about (for now), she won't be too pleased about the fact that Kirk is in the hole for $250,000. But business is business and Kirk makes sure to handle his at an event to introduce Miss Ashley Nicole. This is her introduction to music business and to Rasheeda as well. While Ashley intends to "kill with kindness," she slips and tells Rasheeda about the new office. While the latter keeps cool at her hubby's event, she plans to clearly rip him a new one when they get home.

Back at Rasheeda and Kirk's place, Karlie Redd comes to visit and vents about the business venture she has with Erica Dixon, which seems to be going nowhere. Rasheeda tells her to talk to Erica about it before jumping into another deal with someone else. They then move on to why Rasheeda called Karlie in the first place -- to find out about this "Buckhead Office" that Ashley talked about at the party. After looking everywhere, they find the residential lease in Kirk's shoe box.

So what does she do with this information? She drops by the "Buckhead Office" and surprises Kirk, which is more of a scare for him. The two start arguing about the condo, the fact she doesn't have a store and their business relationship. By the end of the argument, it looks like Rasheeda may need to get her lawyer into this and figure it all out.

Joseline Hernandez also makes her debut on season four. After her trip, she comes back to treat Stevie to a good time. But before they get busy, she explains why she needed the time away to work on herself. She also promised to not get into fights but walk away from them, which will help her anger management problem. On his side, he has issues with getting high too much and wants the two to be better as a couple.

Stevie might understand where his lady is coming from, but at that point, all he wants is to get some loving. But things don't stay all lovey dovey for too long. Stevie reveals to Joseline that he failed a drug test and has to go to rehab for 30 days. This makes Joseline tear up, but he does tell her that they could start planning the wedding. At the end of the conversation, Stevie says that she has to make peace with Mimi for the sake of their daughter, Eva.

Joc admits that he loves a lot and has now introduced us to Khadijah, his new lady. She not only spoils him with some finer things in life but also is a corporate accountant and a boss lady herself. While it looks like things are all good, they talk about one of his baby mamas, Sina. Khadijah wants him to say they are exclusive, which Joc completely agrees with. But later on in the episode, when we see Joc putting his two baby twins to bed, he gets a little close to Sina, who still wants to be with him. She reveals that the two still have sex when he comes to see his kids.

Momma Dee had her own introductions to do as well. Meet Earnest, her husband for 13 years. He's not Scrappy's dad, but he was there to help him grow up. Dee and Earnest are no longer together, but the two seem cordial during their discussion. They speak about how he ended up in jail for seven years -- Dee sent him there. Apparently he stole some meat that Scrappy had to cook and feed the homeless with. Earnest sold it to other stores and took the money. Momma Dee was so mad she called the cops and didn't know he had drugs on him, which put him in jail for seven years instead of 90 days. She admitted that she loves him because no one knows her like he does.

The episode ends with Stevie getting ready to leave for rehab. He chats with Mimi about the drug test and her and Joseline coming to a truce, which she said that she really has to think about. The scene is pretty heartbreaking and shows Stevie's softer side when he tels his daughter Eva that he has to leave.

This week's episode is proof that season four is going to be crazy. With all of the problems already popping up in both business and pleasure, we're looking forward to what happens next week.

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