Last week's season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta may have been one of the most heartbreaking because it seemed to close a chapter on one of the more beloved marriages in the show's history -- Rasheeda and Kirk's. In the finale's last scene, Rasheeda signed the separation papers. And in the first part of the season six reunion special, the whole cast mourned what could be the end of Rasheeda and Kirk. Although she promised not to cry about the situation anymore, Rasheeda explained that she would never wish the heartbreak she's felt on anyone and started to sob on her mom's chest. Seeing her pain caused all the cast members close to the couple to start tearing up, too. When you get Yung Joc and Scrappy crying into their hands, you know it's a really sad moment.

Meanwhile, Kirk tried to keep a straight face even though you can see tears trickle down his cheeks. He never wanted to hurt his wife and knew he messed up. But then why hasn't he taken the paternity test. Kirk explained that it wasn't something that needed to be done in front of the cameras. He still held tightly to the fact that he wasn't the father of Jasmine's baby. However with Logan's DNA test coming out negative, then who else could be the dad but Kirk at this point?

Sierra came onto this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and proved that she was one successful boss lady. Unfortunately, we learned that her assistant Moriah was having a longstanding affair with her husband, Shooter. And although the infidelity hurt Sierra, she's been with Shooter for so long that she wanted to make it work. So the two are working on their relationship. However, she wanted an apology from Moriah. Unfortunately, the former assistant was defiant and sat smugly in the audience, trying to show that she was in control of her affair with Shooter.

Lovely Mimi was one of this season's newest cast members, and she really made an impression on many members of the cast. And unfortunately for her, it wasn't necessarily a good one. While she made friends with Tommie, she burned bridges with her bossm, Sierra, who she almost had a showdown with backstage and also Jessica Dime, which pushed security to carry her offstage.

Despite being carried off the set, Lovely Mimi wasn't fazed. She wanted to make sure she shared her opinion of Karlie and her business. While Karlie swore that she and her stores were more successful than Mimi could ever be, Mimi could only take so much criticism before she got up again and was ready to knock Karlie out. Luckily, security calmed her down, and the show continued.

Finally, Joseline was the other constant murmur throughout Monday night's show (July 10). After her falling out with the series during the season finale, people wondered if she was even going to make it to the reunion. Although she was causing drama outside the studio, Stevie finally made it to the show. And Tommie revealed that despite what he said, Stevie did show all his glory to Tommie.

Tune in next week to find out what else happened with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast got together, and be sure to watch out for coverage of the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood coming in a few weeks.

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