If Yung Joc's Twitter is NOT a hoax, the rapper has just been attacked by Katt Willams' dog, but that's not even the weirdest part of this incident. According to his recent "tweets," the Atlanta-based rapper hung out with DMX, and comedian Katt Williams in St. Louis over the weekend and was attacked by Williams' dog after it was given cocaine. Joc's Twitter updates go on to say that DMX and Williams got into an argument over who would snort the last line of cocaine before deciding to give it to the dog.

"I'm in St. Louis in my penthouse...Katt Williams and DMX are arguing about [who's] gonna' hit the last line of coke....this s--- [is] about to get ugly," he twittered. A few hours later he added another update. "So Katt and DMX had a talk about the last one and decided to share it with the f---in' dog! I'm so scared 'cause the dog is looking at me! Lol."

Joc was then bit by the dog and ended up in the Intensive Care Unit, where he received 72 stitches. "Thanx for the concern yall. I'm in ICU with 72 stitches. Didn't press charges on Katt Williams.. But they are gonna put his dog to sleep," Joc revealed. He went on to say that after he was released from the hospital he headed out on a flight made more uncomfortable by the pain from the stitches. "On the plane sitting sideways [be]cause stitches hurt! Just got off the phone with Katt and DMX and we are still cool. Katt [is] sad about his dog."

This latest stunt is exactly the kid of publicity that DMX does not need. The rapper was just recently released from an Arizona prison and is said to be getting his career back on track. A successful comedian in his own right, Williams gained popularity for his roll in the film 'Friday After Next,' alongside rapper Ice Cube. He has since gone on to become a much sought after comedian, making the bulk of his earnings from touring and sales of his comedy DVDs.

Joc who released his last album in 2007, is a former protege of mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs. He has since left Diddy's Bad Boy label and is suing the company for unpaid royalties. He is currently working on his third release 'Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood' due in stores later this year.

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