Yung Juc spent a solid portion of 2009 voicing his complaints with Bad Boy Records and Block Entertainment.

Now, months later, the rapper has broken free from the label and contract that he felt was holding him back creatively. In August, after frustrating delays on his new album, 'Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood,' Joc released the full-length album, 'Grind Flu,' via his Swagg Team Entertainment website giving fans access to his music during the disputes.

Back in May, Joc also claimed that Bad Boy Records and Block Entertainment had failed to pay him royalties or advances for his first two albums, 2006's 'New Joc City' and 2007's 'Hustlenomics.'

"I've been released, severed the business ties," Joc told Ballerstatus. "May God bless them and their regime, but I'm doing my own thing now." As far as his plans for settling with a new label, Joc insisted on keeping the details to a minimum until things were finalized, but he admitted that he was fielding a few options for a new home.

"I'm actually in negotiations right now with a few labels. I just choose not to call out the different entities," he said. "Things are looking very good, God is very good. When I was going through this whole thing with the Bad Boy/Block situation, I didn't know what the other side was going to be. I didn't know if there was going to be light on the other end."

Despite all the anger and finger pointing this year, Joc made it clear that he harbors no negative feelings and instead wants to remain focused on his work. "I ain't mad, nobody's mad right now, everything is good ... This is going to be one of those situations where I just got to put my best foot forward and make sure that I don't make the same mistakes that I've seen made and that I've made myself in the past."