In early October, Young Money chief Mack Maine was spotted with a credit card that had the label's interlocking YM logo. He admitted that his crew was working on a series of prepaid debit cards for fans as well, and explained that they would become available to the public very soon. We assumed this was one of those things like Birdman owning an oil company, but HipHopDX has actually unearthed a pre-order website for the card that just went live.

Yet before you go giving away your info, there's a big preface. The site -- -- appears legit in certain ways, but there is no actual imagery or endorsements from anyone in the Young Money camp. There's also no specific mention of a connection to Young Money as a musical entity, although the site vaguely promises exclusive deals on concert tickets and downloads. The card does appear to have a version of the interlocking logo, yet even that appears chopped off. It's certainly not the card that got fans talking.

"Get some wisdom for your wallet and take control of your financial future with Young Money Debit Cards," reads the site's tagline. "They are convenient, secure and a better alternative to credit cards since you only spend what you load."

Either way, Maine did promise the card and this might be what they are starting with. Nicki Minaj fans looking for the pink card or Lil Wayne lovers wanting the executive black one will have to wait a bit.

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