It looks like Lil Wayne has fallen victim to another swatting prank, where someone calls 911 to report a false crime.

According to TMZ, the "A Milli" rapper was sleeping in his Miami Beach mansion a little before 3:00 p.m. but was awakened by police who entered through an unlocked garage door. Reportedly, the prankster said that someone was shot and bleeding in Weezy’s residence, which obviously made them show up with force.

At first, Wayne was cooperative with the police and understood that they were just responding to a call but afterward, he got frustrated and told them to take him to jail. Clearly, the Young Money boss was incredibly frustrated that he’s been the victim of such a prank for the third time in less than two years.

Just last week, it looked like Tunechi told fans that he was done with music after police responded to a similar call. “I am now defenseless and mentally defeated,” he wrote. “I leave gracefully and thankful. I luh my fans, but I’m done."

Then in March of 2015, someone called the Miami Beach Police Department and said a shooting took place in Wayne’s home, which brought out an armed Swat Team, as well the K-9 Unit. Eventually, authorities realized that everything was a hoax, and that Weezy was a victim of a swatting call.  

In regards to this most recent police run-in, the Lollipop rapper didn’t end up going to jail even though he told police to take him in. At some point, the authorities realized that the 911 call was a hoax, since they didn't see an actual shooting victim.

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