With all of the drama between Lil Wayne and Cash Money that has come to light as of late, fans are left wondering when ‘Tha Carter V’ album will actually be released. Mack Maine has finally confirmed when Weezy's new LP is expected to arrive.

In an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz, the president of Young Money stated that the project will be released in 2015.

"He's touching up the album and about to start another special project for the people," says Maine. "I can't give a definitive date [for 'Tha Carter V']. I can just say first quarter for sure. We're still in talks right now, trying to get the plans together. The industry shuts down towards the end of the year anyway. It's coming out. Don't get it twisted like it's not coming out... He wants it out, the fans want it out."

When asked about the anger Lil Wayne expressed towards the label via tweets, Maine admitted, "It's just some business that's gonna need to be handled. Everybody has their breaking point."

He also added, "I support Wayne 1,000 percent. I feel like this matter will get resolved. Period. If I'm still around it'll be resolved."

Maine didn’t end the interview without revealing why the album keeps getting pushed back however.

"It's a lot of stuff that goes on with putting an album out," he said. "It's way more behind-the-scenes that goes on with deadlines and stuff like that. Everybody should want this album to be out anyway in any company. It's actually four companies involved in it: Young Money, Cash Money, Universal and we have a solid partner that we haven't announced yet. We're gonna put it out a special way this time."

Before his chat came to a close, Maine stated that he's in talks with Tyga, who also announced that he's planning to leave Cash Money.

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