You know the old saying: when it rains it pours. Well, Justin Bieber's life is being rained on heavily with bad publicity as a second video has leaked online showing the singer in an unfavorable light.

After apologizing for making a racist joke in a prior old video, another vintage clip pops up with a 14-year-old Bieber singing a crude song on camera. The pop singer flipped the lyrics of his song, 'One Less Lonely Girl,' but replaces the word "girl" with the n-word. Then he begins to sing that if he did kill an African-American, he would join the Klu Klux Klan.

The video, whether done in jest or not, is extremely hateful and completely tarnishes Biebs' wholesome image.

Bieber did issue an apologetic statement regarding the second video. On Instagram, he posted a photo of Bible passages from John 1:7, John 8:12 and Isaiah 61:10, which deal with forgiveness, repentance and having faith in the Lord.

This might not sit well with most people, as Bieber needs to be transparent and publicly apologize for these awful videos.

Meanwhile, Scooter Braun, Bieber's manager, came to his defense by posting an image on Instagram with the caption: "Some mistakes have no excuses. They are just wrong. But how a man reacts to those mistakes… How he owns it and learns from it...That defines him more than the mistake itself."

One person who has accepted Bieber's apology is Young Money president Mack Maine. The rap executive has worked closely with the Biebs on various projects and believes that the embattled singer is not racist at all.

"Bieber does not have a slave mentality. He treats his people with respect," he told TMZ.

Maine added that Bieber has "legitimately adopted the culture of the hip-hop, African American culture."

What do you think? Is Justin Bieber a closeted racist? Or is all the brouhaha much to do about nothing? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch Justin Bieber's Racist Song Caught on Video

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