It takes a lot of courage to go after one's dreams, but it takes even more cojones to live someone else's, and that's the concept of Mack Maine's 'Living All of Your Dreams' featuring 2 Chainz and Mac Miller.

The Lex Luger-produced cut will be on Maine's forthcoming release 'Food For Thought,' and if the rest of the songs are like this one, Young Money fans are in for a special treat, especially if there are more solid versus like the one Mac Miller showcases.

"My mind is gold, tell a motherf---er take me further now / Everything is purple when you live inside a circus town / Blunts by the boxes and it's nothing but that chronic / Like it's Dr. Dre in '92, depends what I climb into," he spits.

But here's the bad thing about letting such a strong lyricist kick off the song first: The quality of the song drops a little after Easy Mac raps. It's most noticeable on 2 Chainz's part, since he closes out the song and should leave a lasting lyrical impression.

"Point missiles at your car door, back door, front door / I'm riding a Gallardo / I f--- with bitches that will put you on Geraldo," he rhymes in an overly simplistic fashion. "Mink coat like a pimp wear, take your bitch when I wink at her / Kill your ass in a pink sweater."

'Living All of Your Dreams' will appear on the YMCMB president's new mixtape, 'Food For Thought,' which drops on Nov 24.

Listen to Mack Maine's 'Living All of Your Dreams' Feat. Mac Miller & 2 Chainz

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