YG and Nipsey Hussle are letting their political ties be known in "FDT (F--- Donald Trump)."

Although their accompanying anti-Trump rally got shut down by police, the two Cali rhymers were able to craft a hot visual. The black-and-white clip starts off with some praise for President Barack Obama's eight-year presidency and ends with a warning.

"The last eight years represented an upward evolution in western political principles and the collective vibration of America as a whole. We saw more inclusive/diplomatic foreign policy, we saw prison reform bring home family members and neighbors of ours, we saw healthcare become a civil service and we saw morally unjust conflicts with other country’s resolved," it reads.

"2016 will be a turning point in this country’s history, the question is, in which direction will we go? Our opinion is that in the age of a technologically empowered & nuclear armed planet — separation is the enemy," it continues. "The next leader of America will be a most pivotal for these reasons, register asap and choose wisely."

Afterwards, they start to repeat the mantra: "F--- Donald Trump" in the midst of the Los Angeles-area rally. YG also states that he's about to pull a Beyonce and "turn Black Panther." As for Nipsey, he admits he thought Trump was "a joke" and threatens that he knows some people who will "go" when he says "go."

"You build walls / We're gonna probably dig holes," raps Nipsey before calling Trump a "f--- n----." Yikes!

The two rappers showed a united front between the Bloods and Crips as well who collectively threw the middle finger up at the Republican presidential hopeful.

Check out YG and Nipsey Hussle's abrasive video above.