Hip-hop and video games have been synonymous with each other for many years now. Fans of the electronic games have either played video games where rap artists are the players (2003’s Def Jam Vendetta) or rap songs were used as the soundtrack for chaos and destruction (Grand Theft Auto).

Chris Hurrt, a 23-year-old artist living in San Francisco, has a collection artwork featuring popular music artists envisioned in arcade-like 8-bit images.

Hurrt thought of the idea while working on a college project on infographics. He chose Kanye West as his muse and designed various outfits Yeezy wore throughout his career in 8-bit style. Afterward, he decided to expand his project further by launching his own website (My8BitHipHop.com) and the accompanying Instagram page (@8bithiphop) of the same name.

“I decided, 'you know what? I’m going to take this full force and do one every day,'" he tells Instagram Music.

With over 50 8-bit portraits in his collection so far, Hurrt is now garnering attention for his creative works of art. From the Weeknd to Kendrick Lamar to Yeezy, himself, Hurrt has created some dope masterpieces worthy of hanging on a wall.

Check out which rappers and singers Chris Hurrt turned into 8-Bit art in the gallery above.

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