Nipsey Hussle has just released his Victory Lap album and is in full promo mode right now in Los Angeles. As part of his marketing campaign, Hussle is driving around in a Brinks truck. But recently, the LAPD towed his vehicle and he’s not happy about it.

The “Rap N----s” rapper told TMZ that he’s being unfairly targeted by the LAPD and that’s why they towed his Brinks truck.

"We are putting on for the city. We are showing love. We are raising the expectations of young n----s that come out the the hood. And we don't understand why the police want to hate on that," he said.

"But we are going to turn a negative into a positive," he continued. "The Brinks truck is back in our possession. All-Star Weekend we are going to be turning up."

However, Law enforcement sees it in a different way. Insiders told TMZ that Hussle's Brinks truck was towed because it was parked in a handicap spot without handicap plates. Plus, when police ran the plates, they discovered the vehicle's tags were expired six months ago so it had to be impounded.

Despite Hussle saying that he got the truck back, police insist that the vehicle is still impounded.

Nevertheless, it looks like Nipsey Hussle is not going to let the LAPD stop him from achieving his Victory Lap in the rap game.

Watch Nipsey Hussle's Brinks Truck Get Towed

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