Yesterday evening (July 20) Waka Flocka went on Instagram to express his thoughts about some rappers' activism following the horrific deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of the police. Basically, he thinks most of them are fake activists and need to stop.

“They f---ing models on Instagram showing their bodies and d-ck prints,” Waka said in his first video. In his second post he said, “I’m not finna be doing no black peace treaties when I can’t stop a n-gga dying in my hood.”

And that's when Game got involved, presuming Waka's comments were aimed at him, probably because he infamously took an um, "suggestive" photo on Instagram, and he's been super active in the community in the wake of the shootings—giving out groceries to single moms, hosting anti-violence summits and meeting with the L.A. police chief among other things. Obviously offended, Game responded in the only way that made sense—by using Jamaican patois.

“To whom it may concern: mi nah ramp wid di bumboclatt rap bwoy dem, ‘specially wid a waste man dat wear dry up counterfeit locks & hav big lip like a one gyals swell up pomms dat di catch a herpes,” The Game wrote. “But be’cuz mi juss a feel well & blessed today, mi a guh share some words of wisdom … Stop catch up wid di bad mind people dem, take heed & recognize when Jah bless yuh wid a good ‘ooman (Tammy). Swallow yuh pride and use all di goodness life has blessed you with to go and catch her back! Be’cuz truss when mi seh! Yuh nah whan di bad man tingz. My Yute, yuh nah whan dis yah… Back to da positive vibrations, may Jah Bless yuh on your journey. Man dem fi seh, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Yah Dun Know!”

Waka responded, insisting his earlier comments had nothing to do with Game at all, and that they have mutual homies so he wouldn't do that. Also, he wondered why Game didn't just hit him up to clear the air instead of expressing his thoughts on social media. Waka of course wondered this on... social media.

“That’s really crazy Game,” Waka Flocka said. “You really fed into this Internet instigating. You got homies. I got homies. They all know each other. Like if you felt I was even talking bout you, you shoulda called me my n-gga. I wasn’t even talking bout you. How many niggas posed with they shit out? I’m just saying sh-t that happened. But if you were on positive vibes, you would’ve called me on some positive sh-t instead of being real commercial and comical about it. Turning this sh-t into some kind of war. This is real positive vibes. I’m not mad at you homie. But just know you fed into what the blogs wanted.”

Here's hoping this is the end of the misunderstanding (or maybe they had a private phone convo) and the two can get back focused on what they've been doing—Waka on rebuilding with his wife and Game on trying to earn his saint wings with all of the great work he's been doing in the community.

Check the exchange below.


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