The Game has definitely been about his business in the community as of late. He continued his activist streak yesterday (July 17), when he hosted an anti-violence summit in Los Angeles, bringing together hundreds of people to discuss ways to bring about peace in gang-riddled communities.

Game also met with Los Angeles Police Department chief Charlie Beck at the event, which Billboard reports was a town hall-style meeting about how to curb gang violence in the city. Rapper/producer was also in attendance, as well as anti-gang activists and gang members. Game reportedly said he was motivated because he wants to make the world a safer place for his 5-year-old daughter. The rapper reportedly fought back tears as he recounted the recent killing of a former gang member and longtime friend that he grew up with in foster care in Compton.

"I'm here to tell anyone who will read this that I am proud of my city and what we were able to accomplish today," Game wrote on Instagram. "No, we don't have all the answers at this moment and no we can't fix it one day...But what we have done in the last 7 days as a city unit is speaking volumes."

Last week, the Compton rapper joined several other celebs, who came out to discuss the rash of police violence against unarmed black citizens at a meeting held at the home of comedian/actor Cedric the Entertainer.

“Of course, when you have a lot smart, amazingly educated people…there are going to be issues brought up that not everyone is going to be in [agreement] on,” Game told TMZ. “Once we got all of our opinions out and everybody spoke freely, then we got back to the common goal, which is saving each other’s lives.”

Props to Game not just talking about it, but actually doing something real in the community.


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