The Game is at it again. For the day known as "Man Crush Monday," the rapper released a suggestive Instagram photo that leaves little to the imagination.

In the image, The Documentary 2 creator appears shirtless as he grabs his crotch. "I mean if I'm not your #ManCrushMonday then who da f--- is ???" he wrote in the caption on Monday night (Nov. 2). But the greatest part lies in the hashtags.

"If you're on the way to the gym go back home," reads one hashtag before he instructs the ladies to put the toys away because he wants to do things old school.

The Game is even considerate to the women who just got their hair freshly "did" and tells them to place a scarf on the pillow before they lay down. Things get raunchy quickly as he gets creative with his hashtags: "I'm about to catch an Uber downtown on that p----." He also promises that it's "about to get ate like groceries" -- organic groceries that is because he's on a strict diet.

While the picture is surely shocking eye candy, it seems fans can't get over the series of hashtags created by the "Hate it or Love it" rapper. "your hashtags always got me rolling," tweeted one fan.

Others are simply tired of the foreplay and are ready for the main act. "why you keep teasing us??? Just whip that big ole cock sir," a fan tweeted. "whatever you like!!!!!! Forget coming to America! I'm coming to LA," wrote another.

Check out the risque photo above and catch the reaction tweets below.

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