The season finale (or could it be series finale?) of 'This Is Hot 97' is upon us. What will happen to the Hot 97 gang? Will they get a coveted second season? Will Ebro relinquish his position as Program Director and focus primarily on his 'The Morning Show' duties? These are all questions that Iggy Azalea and Black Thought help the cast figure out. Let’s go!

Another morning meeting opens up the season finale. Out of the eight meetings this season, Funkmaster Flex showed up to one only because he wanted to talk about bowling. Alas, today it’s all about whether the cast will join together again for a second season. “We’re done with these motherf---ers,” exclaims father-to-be Ebro. Miss Info goes into a panic and asks if there’s going to be a second season. No one knows yet and so Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds start to plot their spin-off. We exit this fine moment with the gang chanting, “Turn up for TV!”

Old Man Ebro is at a crossroads. He’s trying to decide if he should stand down as Program Director and focus on his on-air career. Of course, there is no better person to have advise you on such matters than the "Voice of New York" herself: Angie Martinez. Her guidance: step down, be on-air and “work one-third of the hours” you currently work. Man, she’s a wise one. We were sold, so it only makes sense Ebro takes it to heart and steps down. Honestly, Angie could tell us to get in an elevator with Solange Knowles and we’d do it.

When Ebro tells 'The Morning Show' team that he’s stepping down, the reactions aren’t as sad as he probably thought they were going to be. Sweet Laura Stylez stays mum -- for the time being. Rosenberg rejoices and flat out tells Ebro, “You were a s----y boss.” Cipha on the other hand tells Ebro he sucks on the air. Rosenberg manages to sneak another jab by explaining, “You’re the meanest motivator ever.” Before Laura leaves the room she puts in her two cents. “He sucks at both. How about that? He’s not the boss anymore, I’m out of here,” she exclaims. Go Laura!

After Ebro figures out that no one wants to do anything he says because, well, he’s not the boss anymore, he goes back to Angie for advice. Turns out Angie’s busy, so she kicks him out of her studio and imparts some Angie wisdom: “Stay in your lane, you’ll be fine.”

Miss Info and Laura Stylez begin their search for ideas on how to ensure a second season for the team. Cipha and Rosenberg at the same time are just focused on getting their butts a spin-off. As the ladies rack their brain, they have an idea of traveling internationally, but Cipha shuts down the “Amazing Race” idea because, “You’re going to look like you’re from those countries anyway.” Oh, we’re sure going to miss these guys.

The ladies get proactive and ask The Roots’ Black Thought for some second season advice. His contribution to the solid pool of ideas: A mudslide or a sex tape titled 'Deep Thought.' Shout out to Mimi!

Meanwhile, in another part of the Hot 97 studios, Rosenberg and Cipha try to stage a fight by throwing water at each other. Obviously, it doesn’t work -- they look ridiculous. Still, Rosenberg keeps at it and manages to embarrass himself in front of Iggy Azalea when she visits the studio. Rosenberg not only lingers on Iggy when he reaches out to hug her but he also accuses her of having a fake ass through butt injections. She takes the bait and throws water at his face and walks away. “You got the turn up, bitch," she says. Rosenberg runs into Cipha’s arms screaming, “Season two!” Kidding. He didn’t run into Cipha’s arms.

There we have it folks, the season finale of our hip-hop sitcom. Are you looking forward to a second season? Sound off in the comments below.