Agism has run rampant in hip-hop since its inception, but not as much as it has in this recent era. Hip-Hop has been called a "young man's game," and any artist over 30 has been deemed as "washed up" or ancient.

Conventional wisdom says that once a rapper leaves their younger years, the desire to be the absolute best leaves them, and the desire gets replaced with things like family, financial security and in some cases, just trying to stay in the game.

But anyone who has followed the top lyricists throughout the years knows that age often increases an artists' skill level, not diminish it. In many cases, their artistic growth is attached to years of life experience, repetition and just honing a craft.

Getting older can be an asset to an MC -- especially since hip-hop has been around for 45 years and listened to by people of all ages.  It's no longer just a young person's sport, contrary to popular belief.

Below we've picked 15 rappers who've only gotten better with time. In terms of adding new flows, taking on a new subject matter, and visibility, these rappers have only gotten better with time.

15 Rappers Who've Only Gotten Better With Age

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