Originally set to release September 30, Kid Cudi finally delivers his sixth studio album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'.

Cudi, born Scott Mescudi, has always followed the beat of his own drum, and he uses his latest LP to experiment with various sounds as he digs deep and musically shares his soul. The album's sound signifies growth for Cudi, he's filled with an assortment of emotions that are broken down into three three categories in the title.

Cudi opens with: "You don't love Scott, you're in love with Kid Cudi." Cudi sounds frustrated with the media and fame, saddened by a failed relationship caused by his actions and is spiritually tortured.

The emcee recruits Pharrell Williams, Willow Smith, Andre 3000 and Travi$ Scott to help flesh out the album, as he charts his personal growth.

Here are the top five songs from Kid Cudi's Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'.

  • 1


    After much experimentation, Kid Cudi has finally found his mental and creative "frequency." This five-minute album intro gives fans a sense of nostalgia as Cudi raps about "a couple stories, a couple girls and a couple shrooms" while also introducing fans to the newly-evolved rapper and the waves he rides in his creative zone.

    The Plain Pat-produced cut opens with solid percussion and a steady hum followed by a hook of "Yeah, yeah, widen your view/And tune on into the frequency/Chill all alone, love is the rule/Follow it to the frequency."

  • 2

    "All In"

    Keeping consistent with the album's "passion" theme, the Ohio MC bares his soul to the woman that has his heart on this Mike Will production - the first collaboration between the two.

    Here, Cudi is attempting to mend a broken relationship by putting down his running shoes and committing himself to another person. Ultimately, he's going "all in."

    While the hook allows the Buckeye State native to get personal with fans and the woman he's speaking to, by singing, "I'm exposed and I am pure/No one makes me feel secure/Except you and now we're all in," it's the second verse that catches listeners' attention. Midway through his second stanza, he says comes to terms with a truth that he's been hiding from: "I hate the man that I was so I'm becoming/We're learning together anyhow/We're learning together right now/Facing the man that I was, tired of running."

  • 3

    "Does It"

    With tracks like "Does It," Scott Mescudi's fifth studio album grandly illustrates his effort to slay and defeat his inner demons. Easily recognizable in the song's first verse, Cudi gets real about the hellions messing with his mind.

    "Slay them like a machine round the clock with the 12 gauge aim/Telling Satan to f--k off/Hated the hand I was given/Tossed that shit back like God must be kidding/And not for a nigga like me, not for the family/Not for the similar plans I just dumped/And I made simple choices, her voices follow."

    As the song goes on, Cudder attributes the development of his demons to his image dictated by the media, which in his mind doesn't exist. As he tells his story, "the media" wants to "act like [he] ain't out here," but he was every one to know he's here, and has been for years.

    "And the media wanna act like I ain't out here (I'm out here)/Running laps around these hoes (for years!)/Running the game with no cheat codes."

  • 4

    "Rose Golden"

    Willow Smith and Kid Cudi have collaborated to create a term and a song representative of those destined to reach success. "Rose Golden" is the "power [you] possess" and "the story of the chosen."

    A musical tale of faith and learning how to believe in yourself, Cudi and Willow's four-and-a-half-minute track is a message to inspire and encourage those who move to the beat of their own drum.

    This song represents "the pain."

  • 5

    Blessed with production and vocals from Pharrell Williams, "Surfin'" might serve as one of the strongest cuts on the album.

    Opening with sounds of an energetic drum line and a brass band to follow, Kid Cudi clears up any confusion for those who say he's always riding someone's wave. His message to people who might think that is simple: "I ain't riding no waves/Too busy making my own waves, baby/Surfin' on my own wave, baby/Surfin' on my own wave, baby."

    Intent on staying true to himself and developing and serving his own talent, Williams and Mescudi celebrate the close of this album with an upbeat, pop sound that boasts Cudi's success and follows in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and shakes the haters off.