Los Angeles duo The New Boyz had two things on their minds when they visited our office earlier this week: the latest dance craze "jerkin'" and Instant Messenger. "We love AIM," the "geeked up" teenagers proclaimed as they balanced chatting with BoomBox staff and keeping up with conversations on their Sidekicks.

But it's not all play for the stylin' young hip-hop hipsters Ben J and Legacy. After giving us a "jerk" lesson, the pair, who I must say are far from jerks as suggested in their catchy buzz single 'You're a Jerk,' discussed how they used AIM to get all their friends and fans to the set of their video shoot.

The AIM "addicts" didn't rely (solely) on a casting agency to get fellow jerkers and cool Cali kids to the set, instead they simply alerted all their AIM "buddies" of the time, date and location of the 'You're a Jerk' shoot. "We used our away message to let everybody know to come down to the shoot," Ben J explained. Genius!

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