They say chivalry is dead but for the rapper Legacy, one half of the jerkin rap group New Boyz, it never existed. On their latest single 'Break My Bank,' the youngster declares that he refuses to hold the door open for his female cohorts, a move that he practices in real life.

"I'm not the type of person to open the car door," he told The BoomBox. "Who cares about that anymore? If you do that that means you're trying too hard. I'm sorry, I'm still polite I [have] manners, sometimes I just forget to hold the door open."

Although his rap partner Ben J disagrees, noting that he always holds the door open, what they do agree on is the quality of their sophomore release 'Too Cool to Care.' The twosome have managed to withstand the jerking wave which they rode to stardom with their debut single 'You're a Jerk' back in 2009. The high school friends share a love for music that separates them from the bevy of other rappers playing off the dance movement born in Southern California. "People didn't know we could actually make good music. We did the hook for [our single] 'Tie Me Down,' we produce and we're just all around," Legacy said.

"We're hard working, dedicated," Ben J added. "When we go everywhere state-to-state we're just so humble and they love our attitude and they always want us to come back meaning they fall into our music."

On their second album the New Boyz re-link with Ray J and add Snoop Dogg to the roster on the track 'Smashed the Homie,' a play on the term for sleeping with a friend of a friend. 'Too Cool To Care' is slated to hit stores September 28.


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