The New Boyz may not have a home team playing in the Super Bowl but that doesn't mean the Cali-based rap duo won't be watching the big game on Sunday. We caught up with Ben J and Legacy -- who are currently putting the finishing touches on their sophomore project 'Too Cool to Care' -- and got their predictions for the outcome of Super Bowl XLV.

The BoomBox: Who is your pick to win the Super bowl this year?

Ben J: Steelers, because Wiz Khalifa is all 'Black and Yellow' and that's my favorite rapper right now. Also, I'm a Patriots fan all day and they knocked out the Jets so....

The BoomBox: How are they going to do it?

Ben J: They have the better defense

The BoomBox: Any key players?

Ben J: Big Ben, Troy Polamalu. They have the rings already

The BoomBox: How much will they win by?

Ben J: 14

The BoomBox: What's your favorite sport?

Ben J: Football

Legacy: Basketball

The BoomBox: What is your favorite team of all time?

Ben J: Patriots

Legacy: Lakers

The BoomBox: What's your favorite childhood sports-related memory?

Legacy: Lakers vs. Michael Jordan, Lakers beating Boston, Lakers beating Phoenix in playoffs ...

Ben J: Lakers beating Boston.

The BoomBox: If you could create the perfect football/basketball/baseball team, which players would you choose?

Ben J: Tom Brady for QB, Kobe Bryant as RB, Terrell Owens and Deon Branch WR, Teddy Bruschi MLB, Amare Stoudemire LOL

Legacy: Wiz Khalifa as Coach, Superman QB, Flash RB, Justin Bieber fans as cheerleaders LOL.

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