The New Boyz may throw on a mean mug when posing for the camera put Ben J and Legacy have a comical side to them. Granted, a sophomore album with the title 'Too Cool to Care' may suggest otherwise but they're not all business all the time. They like to clown around and chill out without added dramatics, which is exemplified on 'Zonin',' one of the tracks featured on their new LP and heard in the behind the scenes clip of their recent trip to AOL Music in New York City.

Lounging around in their private dressing room, the California natives kicked up their feet, relaxed with some lady friends and engaged in some zany dance moves before launching into performances of several tracks off their second effort, including 'Better With the Lights Off' and 'Backseat.'

Experience some insight into the duo's antics in the Behind the Sessions video below, and stay tuned for their Sessions performance premiere, right here on the BoomBox.

Watch New Boyz' Behind the Sessions

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