Young California rap duo New Boyz trade in their signature "jerkin'" dance style for a blend of R&B and rap in the Chris Brown-featured video for 'Better With the Lights Off,' the third single from their sophomore album, 'Too Cool to Care.'

Directed by frequent Brown collaborator Colin Tilley, the video for 'Better With the Lights Off' features a splattering of black-lit neon, '80s-style visuals and a blond-haired Brown in a glow-in-the-dark tracksuit, resulting in a decent, albeit adolescent homage to Hype Williams' 'Hands Where My Eyes Can See' video. Then there's the combination of random daylight park scenes and an out of place ice cream man.

While their breakout 2009 video for 'You're a Jerk' received over 51 million YouTube views, achieving its success via the group's fleet-footed jerkin' dance moves alone, the visuals for 'Better With the Lights Off' features surprisingly little movement from the New Boyz, their video girls or Brown -- an excellent dancer in his own right -- and ultimately appears a bit less dynamic.

While turning the lights off may turn "Khloé to Kim," as New Boyz rapper Legacy suggests, 'Better With the Lights On' also turns down the New Boyz appeal.

Watch New Boyz' 'Better With the Lights Off' Featuring Chris Brown

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