California rap duo New Boyz -- consisting of Ben J and Legacy -- are returning to the game with their sophomore album, set for release on May 10. Entitled 'Too Cool to Care,' the Warner Bros. artists are leading off the cycle with their current single, 'Backseat,' and they want fans to expect something eclectic on the new album.

"Music-wise, we got songs," said Legacy to "We got rock songs with singing, pop tracks. Then we got hip-hop tracks, R&B tracks, love tracks. It's just a wide variety of music. We like to try different things. We definitely make tracks for people to dance to, but we're not dancers."

The poppy, young-oriented group is still rather controversial with many of hip-hop's gatekeepers. Their 2009 debut, 'Skinny Jeanz & a Mic,' and subsequent "jerkin" dance craze were successful but heavily criticized by many fans and members of the media. For the New Boyz, the new effort is a chance to remain defiant and really show people what they are all about.

"We wanted to make sure on this new album that we show ourselves as artists and what the New Boyz is really about," Legacy continued. "Too Cool to Care' is not just an album. It's a movement. It's about how we've always gotten criticism from those who want to hate our fashion and style."

The rap team are most noted for their 2009 hit, 'You're a Jerk,' which peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 4 on the Hot Rap Tracks charts.

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