The Flatbush Zombies recruited Snoop Dogg to put a new spin on their 2003 song, "Still Palm Trees," and this one they call the "G-Mix."

First, Snoop delivers the intro in a way that only the Dogg Father can. After that, Meechy Darko goes in.

"Still I palm trees in the calm breeze / Pardon me, Dogg, Meech / Only get my D if she sing R&B / My lyrics send shivers, no way you can feel this / Got quadriplegics tapping they feet, snapping they fingers / My team gets higher than the voice of Weeknd / My chronic louder than what preachers and decons be," he spits.

Zombie Juice delivers a solid verse, as does Erick Arc Elliott.

"I'm known to smoke one up until we approach the zenith, if it's OG I steam it," raps Elliott.

Snoop closes things out but not with a verse. Instead, he gives a laid back soliloquy.

"Recognize game when it's in your face," he said. "One thing about me and these trees, we have an unbreakable bond. We're connected from the roots to the seeds, to the leaves, to the trees, feel me, please."

You can listen to the new remix below.

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