Suge Knight is currently incarcerated for his involvement in a fatal hit and run from 2015. The incident left a man injured and another man dead; and the founder of Death Row Records was charged with murder and attempted murder has been in Los Angeles County Jail with $10.5 million bail as he awaits trial. On Wednesday (Feb. 22), Suge's son voiced his anger and frustration at what he feels is mistreatment by prison officials as it pertains to his infamous father.

“I’m grateful to see my dad this morning,” he wrote on IG. “But it hurt me to see him get neglected right in front of my face. Im disgusted that these people take an oath to serve justice but do the exact opposite.” Suge’s son then details how he hadn’t seen his father or heard his voice in two years. In February of last year, Knight was placed in solitary confinement, what he claimed was a violation of his basic human rights.
“I don’t know anybody who can sit in solitary confinement for two years and not speak to, nor choose his own lawyer,” his son continued. “When will they let him get the best chance to defend himself… I really need those that actually support and who has a heart to reach out. I have great news but i need justice to be served. #FREESUGE #FREEMYDAD.”

Marion "Suge" Knight is one of the most notorious figures in hip-hop history, having developed his reputation via violent dealings at Death Row throughout the 1990s and a litany of anecdotes involving Knight's use of force in handling disputes with other famous stars from Eazy E to Vanilla Ice.

Knight has attempted to get his $10 million bail lowered, which resulted in a delay of his murder trial; he also accused former partner-turned-rival Dr. Dre of trying to have him killed.

Knight himself has voiced criticism of his treatment before. But given Suge's history and rep, his son's pleas on Instagram were met with very little sympathy.

"Your pops really got it coming," wrote one commenter. "lol he hasn't even made it to prison yet! Hahaha hope his bitch ass catches hell from the inmates to the guards every fucking day! Ole Bitch ass n---- asking for mercy when now he is at the mercy of the court system...😂😂😂"

"Cut out the bulls--- pity party. Your dad deserves to be where he is. Foh," added another post. "N----, f--- you and your snake ass daddy," chimed in another.


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