The Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) are generating some noise with their new album ' Lord Steppington,' which is in stores now. The duo just released a quick video explaining "why they do this" and giving thanks to the fans who have supported them and their project.

Alchemist explains that it’s been a 20-year grind for him and Evidence of making music, promotion and greeting fans. Despite their grueling schedule, it makes them appreciative of their hard work.

As for the album, the beats and rhymes on it is the hardest around. "This is the blackest album ever done by two white people," said Evidence.

Meanwhile, in another video, the Step Brothers go back in time to revealed what they were doing before they became big-time rap stars.

In Mass Appeal’s episodic series 'Ill Time,' old-school rappers Chip McFarington and Brad Skinningham originally pursue a career in early '80s new wave music.

In the rare, behind-the-scene footage, the drugged-out duo tries to record a song called 'Step Masters,' but in their cocaine-induced haze they make complete garbage.

It’s a good thing they rap now. Ha! Check out the comical video below.

Watch Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) in Mass Appeal's 'Ill Time' (Episode 2) Video

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