It's been eight years since Dilated Peoples, the L.A.-based group comprised of Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence and DJ Babu, dropped an album but that doesn't mean the individual members haven't been making noise.

Each member has done his own solo or side project in that time and all of Dilated members have matured as artists, now reconvening for the new album, 'Directors  of Photography,' a masterpiece of refined and evolved underground sound.

For this latest installment of The Boombox's '16 Bars' series, rapper/producer Evidence steps to the mic to rep for his "expansion team." Using his signature slow flow with its punchlines and pauses, he bodies a new DJ Babu beat, then he and Babs sit for an interview to tell us how a trio of guys who are so different find common ground creatively and make music that's loved the world over.

Watch Ev do his thing for 16 Bars in the video above and watch two-thirds of the Dilated crew talk about their collaborative process and take on the art of MCing.