Around this time last year, Earl Sweatshirt was everywhere after releasing his debut album, 'Doris.' He was performing at countless festivals and concerts and popping up on the Internet in videos discussing his love for Drake. Since then he's still treating crowds to his tracks but has been fairly quiet when it comes to new music, aside from releasing a few teasers here and there. Today he does more of the same.

The baby-faced 20-year-old rapper drops a new track, simply titled '45,' produced by the Alchemist. On the song, he details life's challenges and uses clever metaphors.

"Made it out the maze, haze with stanky odor / Simmer down my brain when I can't control it / N---- where your chips, you should bet them on him / Call the vet he barking hear him and the mess he started / N----, they keep an eye on me, I am not a child artist / I raised the bar and hit a chin-up for a while on it," he rhymes over a distorted and whiny beat.

'45' will likely excite his core audience considering Odd Future fans are incredibly loyal.

Listen to Earl Sweatshirt's '45'