Rapper Fashawn recently dropped a new visual for his second single, 'Never Waiting in Vein,' which is from his collaborative EP with Alchemist called 'Fash-ionably Late.'

Directed by Dean Gonzalez, the clip features a group of young men hurdling a concrete wall and running away in slow motion.

The minimalist production on the song is unique from what you would expect from Alchemist. Instead of the hard drums and sinister samples that he's known for, he used the light strums of an acoustic guitar to anchor the track.

Fashawn shines lyrically as usual, reminiscing about his come-up in the rap game.

"Instead of wishing on a star, I followed my intuition and went hard, ended up ascending past Mars / Succeeded without the marketing schemes, starving artist with his heart on his sleeves / Saw it over and over in my mind, hungry for that moment to shine, never waiting in vain," he spits.

Although the lyrics are nothing to sneeze at, the real catalyst of the song is the hook, sung by Fashawn himself, which gives the track a folk quality.

Feel free to stream Fashawn & Alchemist's 'Fash-ionably Late' EP below.

Listen to Fashawn & Alchemist's 'Fash-ionably Late' EP

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