Before anything else we’d like to offer The Boombox's readers an apology. We dropped part one of our video interview with Alchemist and Evidence (Step Brothers) waaaaay back in the wintry month of February, promising that you’d see the second part the following week. Then days passed and weeks and then a full month and here we are today.

We’d offer an excuse but f—k all of that. We’ve got part two of an “old” interview with some serious gems about Dilated Peoples’ first new album in eight years, Alchemist’s insane output as of late and how these two embrace younger MCs like Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and Aston Matthews the same way Cypress Hill took them under their wing when they were teens – y’know, some pretty good s—t. So watch and enjoy (and try not to be all pissed at us for not bringing this to you earlier).

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