Soulja Boy is having the worst week ever. Along with beefing with Lil Yachty and getting hit with a lawsuit, the Atlanta rhymer is now being accused of being fraudulent with his fans.

A couple of days after Soulja Boy showed off his luxurious Los Angeles penthouse on Instagram, which he said he purchased for $6 million, a gossip blogger outed him for staying in a reported $895 per night Airbnb rental.

According to DJ Akademiks (via HipHopDX), several people sent him the Airbnb profile page of Soulja's alleged home and he gladly shared it with his viewers. Although the listing is no longer available, the page reportedly stated that the penthouse was used to film several episodes of HBO’s now-defunct show, Entourage.

Soulja Boy caught wind of DJ Akademiks’ video report (watch below) and blasted him on Instagram for being a hater.

“Aye, DJ Akademiks, you a bitch, n----,” he seethed in his Instagram video. “You a bitch. Show your house, n----. Show your f---ing house, n----. This my house, n----. Suck a d---, n----. You a f---ing, you’re not real media. You’re not TMZ. You’re not E! channel. You ain’t BET News. You a f---ing f-ass DJ. Suck my d---, n----."

Soulja went on to explain that he listed his penthouse on Airbnb so he can rent it out to people for 4 bands ($4,000) a night.

As for the rest of the haters, the "Crank That" rapper suggest they find some better to do than to count his pockets.

“S--- crazy, n----s be hating,” Soulja said in another post. “Can’t even get no $6 million crib for no airbnb. I’ve been in this bitch for about a month. I’m finna be here for another year."

"I don’t think you can rent no airbnb for a year straight. C’mon, man. Y’all just stop hating, man," he continued. "Just let me do me. Y’all stop hating, man. Who cares, anyway? Y’all getting paid to figure out how I got my house, n---- this is my house.”

Love him or hate him, Soulja Boy can't seem to escape the drama. Check out the fallout above and below.

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