Soulja Boy has been full of surprises since the start of 2017. From engaging in social media beefs with Chris Brown, to getting arrested on gun charges, to getting clowned on Instagram, the Atlanta rapper has been very busy. But it looks like he's not done trolling the Internet.

On Tuesday (Feb. 7), the “Crank That” rapper went on his Instagram page and shared a ultrasound of his unborn child to his 3.8 million followers. The caption reads, "I'm going to be a father soon." An hour later, Soulja Boy deleted the photo.

While this would have been joyous news, fans were quick to point out that the ultrasound pic is old (apparently dated in 2010) and can be found on Google images. If this is true, SB is trolling the Internet... again.

So for now, we cannot confirm whether or not Soulja Boy is going to be a father. But we did post the original photo above and another pic below from the Shade Room who may have caught the rapper in a lie.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy is still training hard for his celebrity boxing match with Chris Brown, which tentatively set for March. "It’s going good," he told USA Today. "It’s good for my body overall, not just for the fight. I’m adding muscle and everything. It’s intense though. I’ve got a love-hate relationship with training."

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