Soulja Boy and Interscope Records are at the center of a $1 million lawsuit after the 20-year-old rapper bailed on a show in December 2010. reports that promoters are suing Soulja Boy, Interscope and MySpace Music over a performance that was scheduled for December 10, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

However, the young producer-rapper told the BoomBox exclusively that the decision for him not to perform was out of his hands.

"The show that I'm getting sued for, that's not even nothing that I had control of," Soulja Boy tells the BoomBox. "That's something that's dealing with MySpace Music and Interscope. So at this point, it's not like the human person [that is] Soulja Boy, it's the brand that is Soulja Boy. Everybody that's reading this, the way to stay rich and keep your millions up [is to] be careful of who is in your team, you have to have a good team that you can trust."

Joseph Sheldon Brewster, who owns TrinCity Entertainment, claims the company shelled out $16,250 in advance payment for the show, in addition to a marketing budget of $8,000 and transportation budget of $3,500. When Interscope attempted to cancel the event -- because of a scheduling conflict with a show in Hawaii -- TrinCity struck a deal with the label and MySpace Music to receive $10,000 to promote a rescheduled show.

Things went sour when Interscope reportedly paid their share of the balance late and MySpace paid nothing at all, leaving no funds to promote the new date. To add insult to injury, the company claims that Soulja Boy has not returned the initial $16,250 payment. TrinCity is seeking $1 million in compensation for unjust enrichment and breach of contract.

Soulja Boy, who released his 'Juice' mixtape in April, recently claimed that Cash Money CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams has been courting him to join the growing label. Those claims were immediately dismissed by Birdman.

Additional reporting by Latifah Muhammad.

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