The Pharcyde Is Suing The Pharcyde?
Being a member of a legendary hip-hop group like the Pharcyde is a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because of the legacy that the group leaves behind after a lengthy career. The music is timeless, and the fans never forget. However, the curse of being a member of a legendary group is that…
Chuck D Files $100 Million Class Action Lawsuit Against UMG
Legendary Public Enemy front man Chuck D has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Universal Music Group, claiming breach of contract.
The class action suit, filed in the U.S. Disctrict Court in Northern Calif. on Tuesday (Nov. 1), accuses UMG of failing to provide proper accounting for digital roya…
New Edition Singer Sued for ‘Deranged’ Twitter Post
More often than not, artists take to Twitter to vent their frustrations and New Edition singer Johnny Gill recently did just that. However, his diatribe has now brought a lawsuit upon him.
According to TMZ, the 45-year-old D.C. native is being sued by Ira DeWitt, CEO of Notifi Records, where Gill is …

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