Many of you are at the tail-end of your work week and ready to get out and enjoy your weekend, which means you're in need of a little music for the pre-game. That's why you need The Boombox and our Songs of the Week. Last week's lineup included tracks from Curren$y, Janelle Monae and Machine Gun Kelly, and was a pretty solid selection of dope records but this edition manages to up the ante.

As we move forward into the second quarter of the year, more and more artists are emerging with great music and adding to what has been a festive year for hip-hop and R&B. Honorable mentions of tracks from this week that just missed the cut include A$AP Rocky's new single, "M's," Freddie Gibbs' "Dope House" and Tiara Thomas' latest release "On Me."

But everyone can't be a winner and with that said, we present the latest edition of Songs of the Week featuring Jeremih, Raekwon and Rapsody. Be sure to check back next week for another batch of the must-hear loosies of the week.

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    "Tonight Belongs to U"

    Jeremih Feat. Flo-Rida

    After a number of false-starts, crooner Jeremih's upcoming LP, Late Nights: The Album. The project is finally set to touch down on April 28. While fans of the "Don't Tell Em" singer may be rejoicing and waiting in anticipation, he continues to add to his growing list of hits with his latest single, "Tonight Belongs to U," featuring pop chart titan Flo Rida.

    A perfect selection for the glow stick-waving and fist pumping crowd, "Tonight Belongs to U" arrives just in time for the summer and is sure to get a heap of love from radio and club DJs alike.

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    "Don't Need It"

    Rapsody Feat. Merna

    9th Wonder protege and Jamla franchise player Rapsody has enjoyed a breakout year in 2015. Plying her trade on the indie circuit for the past five years, she has a guest appearance on Kendrick Lamar's album, To Pimp a Butterfly, which has made everyone pay attention to the North Carolina native. Deciding to strike while the iron is hot, Rapsody throws us a bone with her new loosie, "Don't Need It" featuring Merna.

    Produced by Young Guru, the track captures the "Complexion" co-star's refined lyricism and terse flow. "I woke up satisfied, I'll never let your negativity kill my vibe / I know everybody's dreams don't survive, that's the difference between me and them in this life," Rapsody spits on her opening bars, shutting down her naysayers and reaffirming her "do or die" attitude. The result is a fiery cut that continues to prove her scene-stealing performance on To Pimp a Butterfly was no fluke.

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    1,2 1,2

    Raekwon Feat. Snoop Dogg

    Hip-hop may be a young man's game, but if you ask Raekwon, that's a pile of bull, as the veteran MC from Shaolin is 20 years deep in his career with no signs of turning in his retirement papers anytime soon. In the process of setting the stage for his upcoming F.I.L.A. album, which drops April 28, the Chef hits us with a fresh batch of cook-up in the form of his latest heater, "1,2 1,2."

    Produced by Scoop Deville, the track has the vintage boom-bap sound that Raekwon's lyrics are tailored for and he makes sure to hold up his end of the bargain. "If I ain't rocking emeralds "or Bentley's, I'm cooling in Poughkeepsie," he spits, all but bullying the track.

    Snoop Dogg flys in from the West Coast to lend his talents. "Do you remember a real gang member / Chopping til he timber, December to December," he delivers, giving us the type of verse we haven't heard from the Doggfather in quite some time.

    Top to bottom, "1,2 1,2" is undeniable and grabs the No. 1 spot on this edition of Songs of the Week.

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