The weekend is finally here and that means the latest edition of Songs of the Week is on deck, where we present the best selections in music you may have missed due to your busy schedule.

Last week’s lineup included releases from Vic Mensa, Macklemore and Jay Electronica, all of which have gotten their fair share of burn around The BoomBox office.

As the year continues to progress, the barrage of new music releases keeps increasing but we’ve found three songs for your listening pleasure.

The latest edition of Songs of the Week features new tracks from ex-G.O.O.D. Music rhymer GLC, Miami rapper Flo Rida and producer Baauer. Check them out below.

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    Chicago native GLC may be unsung in comparison to his friend and fellow Chi-City native Kanye West, but that hasn't done anything to diminish his rep as a capable lyricist among rap aficionados. The "Spaceship" guest vocalist drops off a new tune in "Coolout" that is sure to get his name back in circulation in a big way. Produced by L. Williams, this piano-driven cut sees GLC airing his grievances and taking his opposition to task while vowing to accumulate his money and spreading the "ism." "Coolout" is a cool track that should give GLC a heck of a buzz for his next full-length album.

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    "Hello Friday"

    Flo Rida Feat. Jason Derulo

    Two of music's biggest names collide on this anthemic song for those work a 9-to-5. "Hello Friday" features rapper Flo Rida and crooner Jason Derulo toasting the weekend. Derulo sets it off on the hook, singing "Hello, Friday, I've been waiting for you for a long time / You just save me when my life came tumbling down / And I know you're gonna leave me / Hello, Friday, I've been waiting for you for a long time." Then Flo takes over the song as he professes his love for the final day of the work week. "Yeah, like a charm, baby / Brighter than this thing on my arm, baby / It's a party every time you come around, baby / Now if you're down, baby," he raps. TGIF!

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    "Kung Fu"

    Baauer Feat. Pusha T and Future

    Bass Trap producer Baauer throws coke rap fanatics a bone with his new collaboration with rap's favorite kingpin, Pusha T, and Atlanta trap star, Future, called "Kung Fu." Baauer lets the beat build with a bevy of instruments and quirks, making for an addictive soundbed for the two southern D-Boys to hustle flows over. King Push delivers trash talk that's greasier than Crisco, rapping "The dope game is my sport / Welcome to the wide world of snort / They quoting thirty-six a kilo / Nah, they wasn't 36'ing me though / N----s pushing thirty with thirty thousand tweets
    Without thirty thousand dollars, don't even deserve to speak, n----." Meanwhile, Future handles the hook-work, yelping "Cook, cook, cook, whip it up / Whip it up, whip it up" all over the track. With an forthcoming album titled Aa on the way, Baauer should have no problem drumming up interest in the project, as "Kung Fu" is enough to leave any listener intrigued as to what other treats he's bringing to the project. The album is slated to drop on March 18.


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