That old '90s hip-hop adage still rings true: mo' money equals mo' problems. Just ask Snoop Dogg.

On Friday, the legendary Cali rapper was held by immigration officials in Norway for carrying too much cash. The MC was due to sign autographs at an Adidas store before performing at Oslo's Spektrum Arena, but the questioning put a kink in his plans.

"They talkn bout takn my $$!!" the Doggfather tweeted. "That aint rite!! Norway standup 4 the biggdogg!! they makn me late 4 this adidas instore autograph signin!"

Snoop must have used some of his trademark charm, because he was eventually allowed to enter the country and go about his business.

"Shout out 2 all 600 fans n Oslo who waited all day at the Adidas instore signin," he tweeted. "Good lookn out."