"I want to give them something to fight for," Snoop Dogg told a crowd of young football players and cheering fans over the weekend at the Chicago Indoor Sports Facility, the AP reports.

The rapper has just opened a brand new sports league that hopes to be a positive influence for Chicago kids, ages 7-14.

Since 2004, the mega successful hip-hop star has been giving back to the community, with his Los Angeles football league, now boasting 3,000 participants. The Chicago branches will have 1,500.

"We're going to the toughest areas," Snoop promises, himself not a stranger to troubled times. "We're going to deal with them face to face."

"We're teaching life skills now, positive influence support system coaches," the rapper tenderly reassured the crowd. "At the end of the day, they're our future."

Now that Snoop is once again demonstrating his commitment to the kids, should we go ahead and call him D.O. Double Good-hearted?

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