Legendary Los Angeles drug kingpin "Freeway" Ricky Ross has tapped Snoop Dogg to score the soundtrack for his upcoming biopic.

In a video recorded during a recent studio session, the Doggfather and the notorious drug trafficker discussed Snoop's involvement in the film, which was reportedly written by 'Blow' director Nick Cassavetes.

"Y'all heard what the Dogg said," gloated Ross, who has undergone a lengthy legal battle with rapper Rick Ross over his moniker. "Y'all didn't think it was gonna happen, now the Dogg said he gonna run the soundtrack!"

Exhaling large plumes of medicinal smoke, Snoop happily concurred with Ross, who was released from prison in 2009, after serving 14 years of a life sentence for drugs.

"Man, I told my O.G. before he got home I wanted to get down with him, and I love him to death and everything he stand for, and I'm part of telling his story," said Snoop. "I said, 'Look, when it's time to play you, it's gotta be me and nobody else. I'm the only one who could put that thing on it.'"

While very little is known about the project, which is said to take place during the early years of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, from 1979-86, Snoop said that he wants to score the film to ensure that the music is handled correctly.

"I also want to be a part of the soundtrack to make the scope of the music right, to make sure the scoring's right, to represent the era and the time period where we were going through on the West," Snoop explained. "I want to make sure the music represents what we were listening to out here... When it gets to those certain time periods, I want to be the one who makes sure that the music feels good while you're watching the movie."

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