Snoop Dogg is not one to hold his tongue when it comes to talking politics, so it's only right that the Long Beach legend takes the stage for the "Unity Party" at this year's Democratic National Convention.

But instead of taking the party to his hometown, Snoop will head to the east coast in Philadelphia's Electric Factory, according to a press release sent to Billboard from the Senate Majority PAC. The party, which goes down on July 28, will also bring the Grammy Award-winning rock band, Los Lobos, to the stage to perform as well.

The news comes one year after Snoop shared his political allegiance with Hillary Clinton.

"You know I like to be politically correct, but sometimes I’m politically incorrect,” Snoop said on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live in May 2015. "But I’ll say that I would love to see a woman in office because I feel like we’re at that stage in life to where we need a perspective other than the male’s train of thought," he continued. "And just to have a woman speaking from a global perspective as far as representing America, I’d love to see that. So I’ll be voting for Ms. Clinton."

But Snoop changed his tune a bit last month in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"Thank you Obama for really setting the tone for whoever the f— is coming in there next, which we don’t give a f— about,” said Snoop. “We just gonna live like you still up in there."

We're not sure if his presence at the convention means he's come back around to Clinton's side or not. But we're looking forward to checking his performance either way.


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