It looks like Snoop Dogg is not finished feuding with Iggy Azalea on social media. On Tuesday night (Oct. 14), the veteran rapper issued a warning for the 'Fancy' rhymer and her boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young, to back off.

It started when Azalea posted an unflattering photo of Snoop Dogg in response to his slew of sexist and misogynistic memes against her.

"Glass Houses @snoopdogg I'm a bitch because I called u out for being a secret fan? Grow up & god bless," she wrote in her tweet before deleting it.

This prompted Snoop to send an Instagram message to the Aussie rapper, telling her boyfriend to keep her in check. The 'Gin & Juice' MC also used the offensive C-word to describe Azalea.

Nick Young responded on his Twitter account today (Oct. 15) and called Snoop an old man.

This hasn't stopped Snoop from posting several more Instagram memes about Iggy Azalea. His insults aimed at the 'Fancy' rapper are getting more ruder and misogynistic. It's about time someone takes away the Doggfather's social media privileges before this gets out of control. What do you think of the Snoop Dogg x Iggy Azalea x Swaggy P feud? Tell us in the comments below.




Last one until she speak now shut da Fuc up ubitchu.   Visualizar no Instagram





Ok last one n Imma leave the bitch alone!! Hahahahahah So says Todd


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  Iggy was a man So says Todd. Hahahahahahah goodnight bitch !! Kangaroo yo pink punk ass bac to the land down unda !!   Vedi su Instagram



Say fancy bitch I wanna dedicate this song to ya !! So says Todd.

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Wish a bitch would Dish nation hahahahahah !!

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