Snoop Dogg apparently angered some Oklahoma-based members of the Crips gang and now they're warning him to watch his back. The gang is upset with Snoop over a 2009 interview he did with DJ Green Lantern, in which he broke down the differences between gang culture in Los Angeles and gang culture in other states, advising gangs from outside of the state to watch out.

"Gang life has dramatically changed in L.A., in California," he said in the interview. "We are playing by a different set of rules and regulations, so all these cats out here you see throwing up their flag and reppin' need to be careful because that could end up real bad for them."

The West Coast rapper warned gang members outside of his home state to stay out of the territory because the rules of the game were played differently. "If you are banging outside of California... Bloods and Crips, you need to stay there." Snoop said. "'Cause if you come back to California where it originated at, we have different sets of rules and regulations that don't apply to you and you will become a victim of the circumstances..."

The Crips took his words as a threat stating that it would be best for him to clear things up before heading to the state for a concert in Tulsa Thursday (July 29). "Snoop, I'm giving you a temporary pass," one Crip said. "You need to give me a call, your concert is tomorrow and if you don't call me, I can't be held responsible." Unfazed, Snoop performed at the concert without incident.

No word yet on if he plans to reconcile with the gang members or clarify his statements.